03 January 2011

Blouse construction begins

Not much to take any pics of yet, but everything is cut out for the fabric and the interfacing, and the interfacing is fused to the collar, cuffs, and facing.

I put this into my WIP over at PR already, but thought I would expand and wax poetic a bit here:  I LOVE this blouse design!  It is just a very basic collared keyhole neck blouse, but this allows the focus of the garment to be on other things like:
  • Elegant fabric - and I have that in spades with this project  :)  I could also see a lovely or even wild print being effective here.
  • Pretty buttons at the cuff - one of those subtle but nice details, and even though the buttons are as uncooperative as the fabric when it comes to my pictures, I definitely have this one to my satisfaction.
  • A focal accessory - the pattern lends itself well to having a very nice scarf ... or the vest from the pattern, which is what I intend to make next in the Black Stewart dress plaid wool that is no longer listed at FM, with matching pretty buttons down the front.
As y'all can probably tell, I am very excited about this and the vest ... to be honest the slacks are just something to wear to avoid freezing and/or a public indecency charge.  It's easy to see why I switched projects.  If all goes well, I could be finishing this blouse tonight!  If I do ... that would tie my record for fastest blouse made.

I'm toying with the idea of adding a button and buttonloop to the top of the keyhole cutout.  I doubt it's necessary ... but this is most likely my innate desire to embellish in full gear.  I am so far resisting the temptation to use a decorative stitch on the collar, cuffs, and neckline ...well, I might use the faux quilting stitch that I used for topstitching the coats last month, but I am trying very very hard to not get carried away and to remember the main concept of this blouse: focus on fabric, buttons, and the vest.

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