07 January 2011

Second batch of Shetland wools

I got nothing done yesterday on the vest or even the pattern FBA ... here's part of the reason why:

My second order of Shetland wools arrived!  The chelsea pink was darker than I expected ... but hubby's heathered alpine green is simply gorgeous in a subtle understated way.  I also discovered last evening hubby had thought his color he asked for was grey, not green ... but when he looked at it in person he loved it.  Hubby does like darker greens, and the muted hue of the wool is right up his alley.  The wedgewood blue is nice and cheerful, and the cranberry red is just rich looking.  Color me happy with this batch of wool coatings.

I still need to get a plastic tub just for my coatings (I think I'm up to 12 now?) and the no-smelly "mothballs" to protect them for our annual battle against the bug invasion that seems to occur every spring.  I am planning a trip out with hubby's truck tomorrow when he gets off his 24 hour duty, as the size of tub I need just won't fit in my tiny Ford Escort.  I do NOT want to lose these nice wools ... remember I have a year-long project for these beauties.  Plus, I have 3 cats ...

Another reason I got nothing done yesterday is I did some housework.  Don't fall out from shock ... it does happen occasionally!  While I often maintain that a clean house is a sign of a broken sewing machine, there are occasions when things just need to be done even though the sewing machines are all functional.  I figure I did enough yesterday to cover the entire month of January LOL

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