04 January 2011

FBA Fail!

I just finished up the neckline, collar, and resewed the side seam ... and tried my blouse-in-progress on.  Nope, not gonna take a pic of it.  My first real-world attempt at a real FBA has failed ...

I have enough room for my boobs, but the problem is the shape of the side darts.  They're ... pointy.  And they don't even point to the bust apex, directly.  They point to a spot about and inch and a half to the outside of the bust apices.  I will NOT be able to wear this shirt by itself, although I will still be able to wear it underneath the planned vest.  Bah!  It almost looks like my boobs have sidecars.  For the record, I am wearing the same bra as when I drew it a couple days ago.

My last two working brain cells are saying I made the dart too shallow, and while I can leave the dart legs as they are, I need to pull the dart point an inch towards the center.  You can probably see it on my dress form pic in the previous post ... which I had attributed to my dress form being less busty than I am.

One thing I have noticed is this blouse is rather close-fitting.  The pattern envelope doesn't show a pic of the blouse without something over it: tie, vest, jumper ... and this might be why.  From my experience with my Renn garb, I don't consider this a flaw.  I just thought it deserved a mention.

Another thing: I did not think this fabric would be semi-sheer, but the facing and darts show right through as even more white than the single layer areas.  Sleeves, cuffs, and hem still to do ... then I get to try my hand at an FBA for a princess seam.  Hopefully I'll have better luck there -- but I will definitely cut out and assemble the lining first!

Any tips or corrections on this side dart FBA error?


glorm said...

Sorry to hear that you ran into problems. In looking at the FBA on the pattern, it appears that the dart is too short for its size. It should be more gradual which would make it end closer to CF.

The dart on your blouse may be correctable. It is kind of hard to tell without actually seeing it. As you know, I'm no expert on FBAs, LOL, but I do know something about darts.

I am lovin' this blouse and it appears as if you did a nice job on the collar. Don't give up on this blouse.

dfr2010 said...

Not giving up on it yet, glor :) I just won't wear this version with0out something over it, like the planned vest ... or my green boned bodice.