15 January 2011

Sherpa bought and sewed this quick

So I headed out to Hancock yesterday afternoon, waiting for the warmest time of the day to leave because not only do I despise cold weather but this cold snap is lasting too long this time.  My goal was to grab about 3 patterns  on sale and snag as much of the on-sale cotton muslin as I could ... last time they ran a good sale on muslin the quilters bought it up in less than 24 hours after I got my 10 yards.  I know because I tried to go back for more!

This time, I bought 15 yds of 45" wide unbleached muslin ... for $0.59/yd.  That should do me for a year ... Renn Faire is coming, and I have things to line and undergarments to make!  Hopefully this year I'll get outer garments made so I am not walking around the Realm in my underwear LOL

Now, I mention sherpa in the post title ... on the uber-sale table in the back near the muslin aisle, I discovered a double-sided sherpa piece.  Not much left of it ... it measured only 26", but at $1.50/yd I could so live with tan.  The sun had set and the temperature was dropping like a rock as I left Hancock.  My plan: warm hat and gloves!

This plan was accomplished quite quickly: I think I spent more time hunting up all the pattern pieces on McCall's 5996 than I did sewing (not counting time to stop and wind a new bobbin).  This is the beret after a run through the washer and dryer .... did I mention this fabric is quite stretchy?
I'm not exactly a fashion model in the morning ... and I may actually need a medium instead of the large I made ... but it covers the tops of my ears and will keep my head warm.  For S&Gs - err, the fun of it - I sewed the seam on the outside instead of the usual right sides together, and also sewed the band in "wrong" side out ... although I'm not sure this fabric has a real "wrong" side.

It took maybe 10 minutes to actually cut out, and roughly half an hour to sew once I figured the best way to cuss ... err, persuade the fabric to stick to itself and go under the presser foot the way I wanted it to do.  Definitely lengthen your stitches if you use this stuff!  It's really fluffy.

After seeing the pattern picture for the fingerless gloves/mittens combo in this same pattern, hubby wants one also.  He's reminded me I mentioned a fleece cap for him, so I showed him M 4681 that I bought for that purpose.  Of course, he likes the more complex fingerless gloves from that pattern more ... He also prefers a solid colored fleece, instead of the remnants of his plaid fleece from his coat.  I boxed up the solid fleeces and put them in my closet already because I had planned to use up the remainder of the plaids ... so much for that.

We'll see how motivated I get today and tomorrow.

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