24 January 2011

Lack of motivation

Today is a "blah" day.  While lacing up my Elizabethan (this time without cats attempting to "help") it occurs to me I so need a new corset.  Glancing at the local weather forecast, it occurs to me I so need a new coat and therefore need to get busy on the planned mockups.  We have a week of daytime temps getting above the freezing point and nighttime staying above the mid-20s (Fahrenheit) and therefore the perfect time to get cracking on at least one of the mockups.

I also have two "UFOs" - UnFinished Objects.  One is the denim slacks I have already cut out for Simplicity 2562 and the other is the doublet from Simplicity 4059 for my friend's Renn Faire garb (that I was supposed to have done for last spring's Faire!) where I have the fitting part done but haven't cut into the actual fabric that has been in my sewing area since ... late March of 2010.

So ... am I doing anything?  Other than contemplating a third cup of coffee - and my coffee mugs are 14-16 ounces - not a thing.  Of course, another mug of coffee requires I make another pot of coffee as hubby had his schedule shifted and helped me kill off this morning's pot.

There's gotta be some motivation here somewhere ...

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glorm said...

Sometimes the only place to find motivation is in the dictionary.