04 January 2011

Simplicity 2566 blouse in progress

I finally got a pic of the in-progress stage of my blouse last night at about 11 PM, after I went ahead and pressed the collar and keyhole neckline.  I had a pic of it prior to pressing, but just couldn't bring myself to posting it.  Here's how she sits on my small-busted dress form:
I still haven't figured out how to pad out my dressform's (Mathilda LOL) bust without sacrificing a bra that fits.  I also need to figure out how to pad out her backside/derriereire before I can say she's a decent body double for me.

I was a bit steamed last night, cussing when I got to the keyhole part in steps 7 & 8 because in step 2 Simp has you sew the side seams.  Don't do this until the neckline is done!  I ripped out one side seam (it isn't resewn yet), saying quite a few bad words as I did because I did NOT want to do any seamripping on this fabric.  Thankfully, the fabric held up very well ... but the annoyance factor of needing to rip out a perfectly good seam always gets to me.

To finish this up today, I need to topstitch the keyhole area, finish the collar, tack the facing to the shoulder seam allowance on the inside, then do up the sleeves, cuffs, and hem.

It's do-able, but I'll need more coffee first.  This morning hubby went back to work after two weeks of leave, so when his alarm went off at zero-dark-stupid the big fat fluffy cat decided we should both wake up for the occasion.  It's (bleep)in' difficult to shove a 30 lb cat off the bed when he has you pinned under the covers and you're half-asleep.

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