19 January 2011

Revelling in fabric

I've made some recent fabric acquisitions, along with a couple fabric splurges ... aided and abetted by sales, of course.  This afternoon, I decided to pull out my fabrics and take photos - always a good excuse to fondle the fabric!  Here we go:
From left to right: charcoal grey wool coating, lavender silk dupioni, emerald silk/rayon satin, a cotton that has the texture of linen, and a soft cotton flannel.  Not pictured is the 15 yards of unbleached cotton muslin I scored for only 59 cents per yard.  Now, for the splurges:
This one I paid regular price for ... a red silk jacquard.  It's a bit difficult to photograph properly, but I think y'all can get the idea from this.  Another splurge (on sale even!)
Silk charmeuse, that has been on my "wishlist" at FM for well over a month ... and it finally went half off!  I adore the wild large print and the colors.  I need to find the "perfect" pattern for a long tunic to show it off.
Now, I have some mystery bundle fabrics ... and I am still on the fence about getting these or not.  First, the fabrics I think I can do something with:
I just discovered this afternoon the teal on the far left is silk ... a ravel thread was stuck to the glitter stretch velvet, and I tried to snap it.  No dice.  That's when I finally saw the small piece of tape in the corner: "2-silk".  The burn test confirmed this.  I'll certainly think of something for it ... now for fabrics where I am scratching my head - or working on a trade:
Knit - knit - stretch woven.  There's also a white knit and a brown stretch woven that didn't want to photograph right.  The salmon/coral on the right is not accurately depicted, and neither is the light taupe-ish knit on the left.  Heck, for that matter the dots on the knit in the middle are a very pale peachish.  Oh well ...

And oh joy ... the other silk/rayon brocades went half off yesterday!  I have no willpower when it comes to these ... had to get 3 more to complement my lovely red floral splurge.  Hopefully, that box will arrive by Saturday.


Rebecca said...

The silk charmeuse is gorgeous! The teal silk is also really pretty.

dfr2010 said...

The charmeuse was definitely worth the ait. On one hand, I want to make something of it wuickly ... on the other hand, it's really nice silk! And I want the pattern to be "perfect" for it. *sigh* Decisions ...

glorm said...

Wow--you made some good choices.