05 January 2011

S2566 blouse - one sleeve on!

Rolling along (despite the FBA failure) with my dress white blouse: I have one sleeve complete except for buttons and buttonholes.  I'll do those last since there is no easy way to put the buggers on with such a close-fitting cuff.  Here's the pic, pixels hot off the mem card:
I am very pleased with the sleeve.  The top seam where the sleevecap joins the shoulder hits just perfectly on me: about 1/4 inch to the outside of my shoulder point.  Yes, I tried it on in front of my mirror before dressing Mathilda and snapping a pic.  I had some qualms about how easy it would be to get on since the body is so close, but it slipped right on with no fuss.

Gathering my fabric - especially at the cuff - was a royal pain in the (*donkey*).  This lovely crisp dress shirting does not like to gather ... but once it does it looks great!  :)  I'm also pleased I managed to lay the cuffs perfectly on the (visible) grainline.  Considering how long I spent laying out the pieces, I guess they should, but there have been a couple projects where I didn't get the grainline right before.

The cuff opening is on the backside of the wrist ... not the seamline.  This is the first time I've encountered it (in my whopping 16 months of sewing LOL) and I am wondering if this will twist less than ones on the seam?

The dart "sidecar" is even more obvious with the sleeve attached, so this shirt will most definitely not be worn without the vest or a bodice.  Because everything else is perfect to my tastes, I will make this again ... once I get the side dart FBA idea wrestled down and right.

Now, on to the other sleeve ... cuff first.


glorm said...

Very nice job on setting in that sleeve.

dfr2010 said...

glor - recall the very first thing I sewed was a shirt with set-in sleeves :) This silly newb didn't know set-in sleeves are "supposed" to be intimidating ...

And I did have a tiny bit of the front catch, in front of the side seam ... but since it doesn't show I didn't bother ripping and redoing it. No harm, no foul .. and even if I point it out hubby will probably still say he can't see it and doesn't know what I'm fussing about.

I still say YOU should do up this pattern also! ;) If you're gonna be one of my bestest cheerleaders (and you are), you should look the part. LOL Unless you prefer the pink faux fur idea ...!

glorm said...

First of all thanks for the tip about plugging in the iron. I'll return the favor: ovens heat up a lot faster when turned on.

No matter how many sleeves a person has set in, there will be some that just insist on giving problems.

Ha! I wouldn't need that pattern to look the part. I have several which are similar. Neckline slits were quite popular in the late 60s-70s. I'm trying to update my patterns and one way is to eliminate sleeves gathered to cuffs and just make them staight sleeves. Um, these update changes are going to put me more out-of-date.

I'll pass on the pink faux fur.