22 January 2011

Stash diving and coat plans

Now that the flannel and fleece projects are done for time being, it's time for coats!  Since coats can get fiddly, and because there's a stash contest going over at Pattern Review, I spent some time digging in my original plastic tub looking for mockup fabrics.  All but a couple of the fabrics in this tub were bought in the first month or so of starting sewing ... and some are from when the first WalMart in our area closed down their fabric department ... so consider this your warning!  LOL

I pulled out three fabrics I want to use, then matched up patterns to the fabrics.  Funny, all three fabrics have a shade of purple in them.  Must be my mood today.  Are y'all prepared for this now?  (After the pink faux fur, some of y'all are aware of my tackiness in fabric choices ...)
This is a dark purple, with black and yellow pinstripes, and a drapey home dec "whatever".  I used some of it over a year ago to make a boned bodice which I gave to a friend.  The drapiness was the deciding factor for matching it with this Vogue pattern - I want the pleats in the back to hang properly.
This fabric design is just so wild, even if the colors are muted.  It's a bit stiffer than the pinstripe one, so it should be good for either the lapels or the standup collar on this Simplicity pattern.  Hubby likes the picture of the white coat on the envelope best, he says.
I thought about using this fabric to make a slipcover for our couch, but it isn't big enough.  I originally bought it to make a coat anyway LOL so this one should work well.  It's sorta-kinda as still as the happy wild design one, but the fabric has a bit more given because of the loose weave.
So ... now which one to cut out and sew together first?  And which fabric to line it in?  Decisions ... decisions!  Anyone have an opinion?

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