15 January 2011

M5996 sherpa fingerless gloves/mittens done

Fabric purchased 21 hours ago ... now the second planned project is finished.  Of course, I also have a little under half the faux sherpa fabric left over ... that was NOT planned.  Here's both projects together (proof, if you will):
Now for the spotlight on the fingerless gloves.  First, the fingerless idea:

A hand model I am not.  LOL  This was the first one done, and the finger cover turned out a bit big because the pattern allows for fixing a lining in there where I skipped it due to my fabric choice.  On my second one, I trimmed off about 1/4 inch from the bottom of the finger cover and increased my seam allowance around it, which turned out better but now my gloves are lopsided.  I could remake the left hand one if it bugs me too much.  Now for the covered finger/mitten look:
They may be a poor color for me, and definitely not "expertly" made since this is my first time playing with faux sherpa, much less double-sided faux sherpa, but they certainly will be warm and useful!

Now ... I am debating remaking the hat in a medium instead of a large, and redoing the left glove ... and lunch.  It's 2 in the afternoon and I just realized I cut and sewed through normal lunch time.

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