02 January 2011

Changing my mind - S2566 blouse

I have realized my dragging (*donkey*) on the slacks is a lack of enthusiasm, so with all the fabric cut - but not the interfacing - I am going to switch gears to something I do feel a lot of enthusiasm for: the blouse and vest from Simplicity 2566.  I'll start with the blouse, as the only thing new on this project will be a real FBA.

I've been productive this morning, reviewing the bust adjustment class notes from PR and trying my first real FBA (as opposed to cheater half-methods because I didn't understand why I was doing what and how).  I have to knock off to go pick my son up from the Crashville airport, but this is what I've accomplished on tissue fitting and redrawing:

Those of y'all who do this alteration regularly probably notice a minor problem in the first pic: I forgot to put some paper under the pattern piece to tape and redraw LOL  It worked out though, with me slipping extra bit of tissue paper in the gaps and taping it down.  Redrawing the dart was a bit of a challenge, but from folding the tissue and holding it up to my body I *think* I have it right.  I'll know in a day or so when I put this blouse together.

And now, a little snapshot of my button haul from yesterday.  The shiny globs in the lower right of the pic are the buttons for the vest and sleeve cuffs, and being shank buttons they basically laid every which way except the most photogenic:
They are goldtone filligree with the outer shell in silvertone, which frames the goldtone filligree so nicely.  Hopefully they will behave for the vest picture when I get to that point ... I would love to be able to show y'all just how pretty they are.  Each sleeve cuff will have three small buttons, and the vest takes six, if I recall correct.

The rest of the buttons are for my 2011 year-long coat project.

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