16 January 2011

Pink faux fur revisited

No, I haven't pulled out the faux furs that shed even more than my cats, but the pink faux fur is still a bit of a running joke in the chat room.  Folks who missed the pic the first time around tend to disbelieve it exists ... those who saw it say they still can't believe I would buy such a monstrosity.  Especially the small but vocal "Anti-Pink Brigade".

The whole pink fur idea goes back the the Tacky 80s, when I was a kid and begged my mother to buy me a dyed hot pink rabbit fur coat one year.  Mom not only told me I was dreaming, but that the only way I'd get one is if I buy my own when I grew up.  If I could find on in good condition, I would ... but until then this pink-mauve faux fur will have to do and it is destined to become the vest in M 5983, another which just recently went out-of-print.

So, for those who missed it, here once again is photographic proof that my tackiness knows no bounds:
Now, to my surprise, maggie says she not only likes it but would like some for herself (just at a lower price point than what I paid, which was half off!).  And yes, "Fabric Ripper" is another chat joke ... one frustrating night someone asked what "dfr" stood for and I quipped that at the time it meant "Diningroom Fabric Ripper".  The nickname stuck - particularly on evenings where I mention doing a lot of seam ripping.

Of course maggie has no call to be the least bit jealous of my fabric acquisitions, especially after this latest round of bragging about what nice fabric she scored from a Fabric Mart mystery bundle.  I said a few words that I wouldn't type here or in her comment zone ... mostly about the silk suiting, which stung even more since they sold out of the herringbone wool suiting they ran for only $5/yd last month.

So ... am I bringing all this up to avoid admitting to not accomplishing much today?  Meh, I suppose it depends.  I did cut out and sew another faux sherpa beret from M 5996, this time in medium ... and gave the large to my partner-in-crime for Renn Faire since he not only wears a larger hat size than I do, but also collects hats like some women collect shoes.  I also cut out another left handed fingerless glove, but haven't sewn it just yet.  It's a good thing only one glove needed to be redone, because there isn't enough left of the scraps now.  A smidge over a dollar's worth of uber-sale sherpa (26 inches and I think it was 60 inches wide) and I have two berets and three fingerless gloves.

My mom called while I was sewing the band on the beret, and when I mentioned the fingerless gloves she said that was something I can make her (and she doesn't need to give me her measurements still!).  I've asked if she just wanted the pattern, so she can make multiple pairs.  Yup, so at some point soon I'll trace off another copy of the gloves, or just send her the tissue copy since I have it traced off on the red dot stuff already.  Oh - the red dot stuff sticks to fleece and sherpa nicely.  I guess there actually IS a good use for static electricity.


glorm said...

Wasn't your page background pink before? Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a surprise that half off of retail isn't good enough for me, is it?