20 January 2011

Hubby's solution to the offgrain flannel

First of all, apparently I am more disappointed about the flannel shirting than hubby is.  He also came up with the solution of how to use it in a manner that won't be overly affected by the offgrain twist: fold it up into a scarf.  In fact, he thought it would make a perfect "ridiculously long, wide, warm scarf" ...
Here it is, along with the coat I made him, the hat I made him, and the gloves I made him.  I just folded the fabric in half, then again in thirds, and sewed four rows of stitches longways to help it hold its shape.  He said he needed to step outside quickly, as he was overheating in this warm gear inside.

1 comment:

glorm said...

Some make lemonade from lemons; you made a scarf. Good going with a quick solution which made everybody happy.